Back To The Future [Integrated Unit – 4th Quarter]

Back To The Future (Integrated Unit)

Back To The Future (Integrated Unit)

The last quarter of the year is upon us, and students will journey back in time during their Language Arts/Writing class in the 4th quarter of 2013. I’ve been looking forward to this unit all year. At this point of the year, there is a battle for attention going on – School vs. Summer Vacation. My goal isn’t to win that battle, as absurd as that sounds, but it is to win the war by keeping the students actively engaged during the last quarter of the year when they begin to checkout due to impending vacations;]

Students will be reintroduced to topics that they may have already had a prior knowledge to via their Social Studies classes as well as History, Language Arts/Writing & Literature, Fine Arts, and Media. The topics are very serious in nature as is the goal of this unit. The goal is simple, get students to respond via writing about incidents that changed the course of history. Students will also be posed the question, what if these events never happened in order to jump start their imagination… The theme of the unit is going back to the future. Back To The Future, a cult classic movie during the 1980’s, poses the question, what if you had the power to change history, should you do it and what are the ramifications of your actions? There will be multiple lessons via direct instruction as well as several view and respond activities using multi-media devices to give students basic background to several important events in history. Students will also be given reintroductions on how to write an informative, expository, and persuasive essay to better prepare them for the upcoming assignments in this unit. Below there are details that include curriculum maps, writing assignments, and lesson plans for your viewing pleasure.

Curriculum Map(s):

  1. Back To The Future (Integrated Unit)

Reading Packet: [here]

Writing Assignments:

  1. 5 Paragraph Essay (Back To The Future Unit)  & Rubric
  2. Collage Assignment  & Rubric

Lesson Plans:

WEEK 1 – Research Paper (End of Unit 3)

WEEK 2 – Integrated Unit (History – Politics)

WEEK 3 – Integrated Unit (History – Politics)

WEEK 4 – AIMS Testing Week (findout when & shuffle)

WEEK 5 – Integrated Unit (History – Slavery)

WEEK 6 – Integrated Unit (History – Sept. 11th)

WEEK 7 – Integrated Unit (Review & Essay Assignment)

WEEK 8 – Integrated Unit (Essay Assignment & Back To Future Viewing)


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