Class update #20 [Week of 5/06/13 – 5/10/13]

Week #3: Vocabulary HW, Vocabulary Quiz, In-class reading of The Old Man and The Sea,  Direct Instruction on 9/11 Terrorist Attacks (Back To The Future - Unit 4)

Week #7: Vocabulary HW, Vocabulary Quiz, In-class reading of The Old Man and The Sea, Direct Instruction on Informative/Persuasive Essay Writing, and 5 Paragraph Essay Assignment (Back To The Future – Unit 4)

Here is an update for 7th Grade Language Arts (Literature & Writing). I have a hyperlink to my lesson plans for the week of 05/06/2013 to 05/10/2013. If you would like to view the lesson plans, please do so here >>>Lesson Plans for Week 7 – Quarter 4 [click to open].

In Language Arts/Literature, students will continue reading The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway. During in class reading, students are encouraged to take notes for comprehension in the following format – Question, Quotation (MLA Format), Characters, Setting, Connect, & Summarize. Those notes will help students with their ticket out of class via journal entries that they will be completing after daily reading. Students will also work on Week #7′s vocabulary words. This week students will be given Week #7′s vocabulary words on Monday, and they will have two assessments in the form of homework due on 5/07/2013 as well as a Vocabulary Quiz on 5/10/2013. I will be pulling all of this year’s regularly scheduled vocabulary words from the Scripps National Spelling Bee & SAT lists for 7th Graders >>> [vocabulary guidelines & instructions]… Please make sure your student is completing their vocabulary homework every Monday because we will have a quiz assessment on those words every Friday.

In Language Arts/Writing, students will continue Unit 4: Back To The Future (Integrated Unit). Students have received their reading packet that can be viewed [here]. Reading material includes topics on important historical events that took place in American History. Topics include political assassinations, slavery, and 9/11/2001 terrorist attack on the United States. During week #7, students will receive direct instruction on Informative as well as Persuasive Essay Writing, exactly what it is, and how it will apply to their impending essay assignment (to be assigned on 5/9/2013).  If you’d like to preview the assignment, please do so here >>> 5 Paragraph Essay (Back To The Future Unit)  & Rubric. The assignment will be handed out on May 9th, and it will be due on May 13th with no late exceptions due to the end of the 4th Quarter…

As a reminder, Progress Reports went home this Friday (4/26). If your child has received a 59% or below in Language Arts, they need to bring that Progress Report back to me by Thursday (5/2) signed by a parent or guardian. If you have questions about Language Arts, please feel free to stop by my classroom before or after school. If you can’t make it to my classroom, feel free to send me an email at


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