Class update #18 [Week of 4/22/13 – 4/26/13]


Week #5: In-class reading of The Old Man and The Sea, SSR Journals, Direct Instruction on slavery, and viewing of Amistad (Back To The Future – Unit 4)

Here is an update for 7th Grade Language Arts (Literature & Writing). I have a hyperlink to my lesson plans for the week of 04/22/2013 to 04/26/2013. If you would like to view the lesson plans, please do so here >>>Lesson Plans for Week 5 – Quarter 4  [click to open].

In Language Arts/Literature,  students will continue reading The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway on Monday (4/22). During in class reading, students are encouraged to take notes for comprehension in the following format – Question, Quotation (MLA Format), Characters, Setting, Connect, & Summarize… Those notes will help students with their ticket out of class via journal entries that they will be completing after daily reading.  Students will also work on Week #5′s vocabulary words. This week students will be given Week #5′s vocabulary words on Monday, and they will have two assessments in the form of homework due on 4/23/2013 as well as a Vocabulary Quiz on 4/26/2013. I will be pulling all of this year’s regularly scheduled vocabulary words from the Scripps National Spelling Bee & SAT lists for 7th Graders >>> [vocabulary guidelines & instructions]… Please make sure your student is completing their vocabulary homework every Monday because we will have a quiz assessment on those words every Friday. Continue reading